Why Start Ups Fail

I'm a creator, and a creator creates.

The only way to grow traction / audience is to show up every single day for years. Not days, not weeks, not just 2 months. Give it 2 years. Don't quit, unless you are no longer passionate about your why.

The Why: a business term for why you are the right person at the right time to do the right thing for the right market.

You will not gain insightful value if you only read this blog; you must work. 

Take out your phone or a pen/paper and write down the 4 rights & your why.

I'm waiting.

New Years' resolutions and start up businesses are similar. They start with a vision and fail in follow through. Show up &  get it done.


see more typography and hand lettering @veraloushaw on instagram

see more typography and hand lettering @veraloushaw on instagram

The reason for this blog is to create valuable content. Solving problems is how I create value. Writing each week* will allow me selfish things, such as: improving writing skills, communication, and community, but also selfless things, such as: giving away valuable content for free, listening for problems and developing solutions.  *(Would say day, but I know I can be perfectionistic about my posts, thus delaying the publishable content creation process.)

I am a creator, and a creator creates. 

If you are a blogger, you blog. If you are a podcaster, you podcast. If you are a writer, you write. If you are a business owner, you run a business. I am a creator; I create. 

What are you? You are a blank, and a blank blanks.

Tell me. 

Keep learning,

Vera Lou Shaw