Shots Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to use shots app for marketing?

You may be wondering "what is shots the app?" Who is on shots? Is shots just snapchat, instagram? Why do I need another bloody social media account?

Shots is for selfies + videos + positivity.

In shots it is possible to like something without the negative haters or trolls that have taken over instagram and even facebook. No bullying when using the app. No comments.

Shots vs Instagram: why shots is better

In shots you have out bounding links in every post. Whereas in instagram you can only click out of the bio. Instagram has a larger user base at the moment, but #weloverubyroseonshots has been trending on twitter with over 200K posts using that hashtag. That means 130k people at least now know about shots and will probably try it out. 

You + your business should be using shots as part of your social media marketing strategy.

All photos are taken in shots so they can't be "faked" or uploaded by third party sites. There are filters, but much harder for someone to copy your work and re-upload it as their own. This keeps shots authentic, in real time, and lets you stay up to date on real world lives not just the edited and blissful stuff posted to instagram. Unlike snapchat, photos on shots stays around for customers and friends to view and engage with. So what are you waiting for? Add me on shots @veraloushaw

Yahoo talks about the origins of shots here. No bullying, no popularity contest, only posting good valuable content that spreads through word of mouth. If you have a shots follower, they really love you unlike a haphazard facebook "like."

Let me know what you think about using shots as part of your social media marketing strategy.

A shot of me blogging about shots

A shot of me blogging about shots