Giving Birth + other difficult processes

I heard somewhere, most likely on a podcast:

You don't have to be in high school to help a first grader, you can be a fourth grader.

Hence, the company vera lou shaw was born. Giving birth is never easy. Ask my mother.


When confronted with a series of difficulties, especially in the beginning, what is the logical next step?

You think I'm going to say push through, but I'm not. Sometimes you need to stop going forward and see the external forces at play. There is often another option. Other times you need to just flipping push (ah, there. Satisfied?) When bring vera lou shaw into this world, I hit a lot of road blocks and there was no epidural available. Example: not knowing who to pay to get my own domain name.

Should I go with SquareSpace or Go Daddy or Blue Host or Gator Host, etc? Eventually I went with SquareSpace (mainly because they gave me a free trial without having to input my credit card).  The other options would have allowed me 1-click wordpress installs, monetization, e-commerce, but are limited in the amount of traffic they can handle. SqSp, aka SquareSpace, is more expensive, but is a) more beautiful b) simpler to list products c) someone who I admire runs her blog on SqSp.

If I go from the beginning, I have been building vera lou shaw for a long time. 21 years to be exact. As for the profitable business, I've spent about 1 year transforming quirky frog to vera lou shaw and the only people who know about it are you, my mom,  boyfriend, roommate, and the facebook friends who don't totally suck and read my posts. I write this blog to impart wisdom to others just beginning + the super sneaky plan of building an audience who will eventually purchase things for me, allowing me to continue eating sushi.

Using the 2 guiding mantras below, I first learn myself, then do and see what works & where I fail, then I'll teach everyone else so that you can have the short cut.

1) You don't have to be in high school to help a first grader, you can be a fourth grader.

2) The wealthiest people in the gold rush weren't the miners, but the people who supplied the sifting pans.



I started something, Quirky Frog on Etsy, and I want to help others start with something that simple. Etsy is a great place to start, but there are bigger pastures (at least ones don't take a chunk of your profit). Mini etsy rant: etsy is amazing for getting people to find your product instead of you having to go out and find the potential customer and persuade him/her that your product can solve his/her needs. Etsy does that for you pretty darn effectively. And they charge 20 cents + take a % of your revenue for bringing customers to you.



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Knowledge is good pretty much always, but knowledge is great when it can be consumed easily.

What have you learned today? -Vera Lou Shaw